According to the Q4 2015 edition of the ICS-CERT Monitor, there were a large number of cyber security incidents reported as a result of poorly architected networks with Internet connections. Bad actors have gained access through multiple means, including deployment of malware through simple but effective spear phishing exercises.  

Our site security assessments confirm this conclusion too. Time and again, the protection of the so-called “air gap” at customer sites is bypassed by direct connections to the Internet; the spread of malware via USB, contractor laptops, and other devices; as well as unauthorized connections made by added wireless routers or using sensitive HMI systems for non-work purposes.

Customers with critical infrastructure and industrial networks need a security solution to detect threats and protect the network against the attacks that can result from these threat vectors. 

It’s for this reason we are so excited to share with you that OpShield has been recognized by Info Security Product Guide’s Global Excellence Awards for its ability to address the growing threat landscape for industrial organizations. OpShield’s defense-in-depth security protects control systems and operational technology (OT) assets. 

On February 29, OpShield won:

  • Gold – Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, or combinations

  • Silver - Most Innovative Security Product (Hardware) of the Year

  • Bronze - Internet of Things (IOT) Security

  • Bronze - Best Security Hardware (New or Updated Version)

Take a look and see how OpShield can help you inspect OT protocol traffic and enforce OT security policies to protect your critical assets.